Agivir Agivir a new technological development that reduces the presence of coronaviruses on the surface of coated membranes 15 minutes after contact by 95%. After one hour this is even 99.5%. This technology was tested by Virhealth, a laboratory specialising in virucidal and bactericidal testing of decontamination/disinfection technology.

When applied on membranes, this technology could contribute, along with other sanitary preventive measures, to make surfaces safer in facilities open to the public or with heavy footfall, including healthcare facilities, schools, day nurseries, as well as offices, retail businesses, cultural institutions, leisure facilities and public transport vehicles.


  • Virucidal and antibacterial

AGIVIR Stick’On • F4696-51167 M1 White and Gray

AGIVIR Cover • 501-51166 White M1

AGIVIR Cover • 501-51166 White M2

GIVIR Light • F4128-51166 White