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Guarantees excellent performance and comfort

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AD2 Purfect


An excellent performing polyurethane

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AD2 Purfect Smooth

Purfect Smooth

Ultimate PU flexibility for a shape-retaining result

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AD2 Fresh


An atmospheric and comfortable range

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AD2 Amiro header


High resolution digital printing technology

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Serge Ferrari Stamskin Top

Stamskin top

The classic Stamskin quality

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Serge Ferrari Stamskin Top Club

Stamskin Top Club

Quality with a classic elegance

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Stamskin Zen

The ideal partner for a hygienic seating solution

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Serge Ferrari Batyline ISO

Batyline Iso

Let yourself be carried away by a unique range

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Serge Ferrari Batyline Duo

Batyline Duo

Twist-effect for a natural look

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Serge Ferrari Batyline Eden

Batyline Eden

Natural material effect and pure comfort of use

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Batyline Elios

Acclaimed for its unique level of softness

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Serge Ferrari Batyline Lounge

Batyline Lounge

Subtle colors and performance provide timeless elegance

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Serge Ferrari Batyline Canatex

Batyline Canatex

The authenticity of natural fibers

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Een nieuwe technologie met virucide werking

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