Stamskin Zen is the ideal partner for projects where high demands are placed on cleaning and hygiene, such as in the health and wellness centers, hotel or kindergartens. In addition to its extremely easy-to-clean surface, Stamskin Zen delivers antimicrobial and antiviral qualities while safeguarding users' skins. It’s fine grain satin finish contributes to your furniture’s contemporary design.



  • 100% “Swiss Made” Stamskin material
  • Offers antimicrobial and antiviral properties
  • Non-cytotoxic and non-irritant, to respect users’ skin
  • Very smooth satiny appearance
  • Easy of fabrication, excellent deformation resistance
  • Ease of maintenance due to the smooth grain on the surface
  • Phthalate-free formulation
  • Fire retardant

F4351-10120 • Marble

F4351-20162 • Cotton

F4351-20150 • Ash

F4351-5015 • Coffee

F4351-07477 • Corn Yellow

F4351-20127 • Orange

F4351-20159 • Bamboo

F4351-20290 • Baltic

F4351-20157 • Turquoise

F4351-07459 • Brilliant Blue

F4351-07436 • Dark Blue

F4351-20316 • Lilac

F4351-20293 • Blush

F4351-20322 • Nude

F4351-20321 • Kaki

F4351-20320 • Forest

F4351-20149 • Fushia

F4351-20319 • Poppy

F4351-07479 • Carmin Red

F4351-5349 • Aubergine

F4351-20161 • Fog

F4351-20154 • Granite

F4351-07445 • Flint

F4351-00002 • Black

Serge Ferrari cleaner

Cleaner 500

F4350 Discontinued! Available as long as stock lasts

F4350-10120 • Marble

F4350-20162 • Cotton

F4350-20150 • Ash

F4350-07477 • Corn Yellow

F4350-20127 • Orange

F4350-07479 • Carmin Red

F4350-5349 • Aubergine

F4350-20159 • Bamboo

F4350-20157 • Turquoise

F4350-20161 • Fog

F4350-20154 • Granite

F4350-5015 • Coffee

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-20156 • Biscuit

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-20151 • Chestnut

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-20158 • Brick

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-07478 • Vermilion

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-50457 • Rose

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-50458 Raspberry

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-50454 • Spring Green

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-50455 • Light Blue

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-50456 • Steel Blue

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-50418 • Blue Ray

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-50452 • Stone Blue

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-10295 • Indigo Blue

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-20152 • Mink

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-5065 • Dimgrey

Serge Ferrari Stamskin Zen sample

F4350-20153 • Carbon


Composition Multi-layer composite
Specific formulation Phthalate content <0.1%
Backing Polyamide-jersey
Width 140 cm
Roll length 20 ml
Weight 780 g/m2 EN ISO 2286-2
Thickness 0.9 – 1.1 mm ISO 5084

Physical properties

Abrasion resistance / Martindale > 120 000 EN ISO 12947-2
Flex resistance 400 000 EN ISO 7854
Cytotoxicity Conform ISO 10993-5
Irritation and sensitivity of the skin No reaction ISO 10993-10
Agivir™ antiviral surface treatment 99% after 1 hour ISO 21720 adapted

Fire retardant

France M2 NFP 92.507
Italy Class 2 UNI 9175
Germany Class F1 DIN 53438 / T2
Austria Class B1 ÖNORM B 3800/T2
Switzerland 5.3 SN 198898 – VKF
United States Conform CAL TB 117-2013
Conform NFPA 260
Australia Pass AS / NZS 1530-3
Cigarette test / Match test No fire EN 1021.1 – 1021.2
Marine test Pass IMO-MSC-307(88)(2010FTPCode) Annex1Part8
Aeronautical test Pass FAR JAR 25.853 and 25.855

Cleaning recommendations

Clean with a ph neutral soapy water. Always rinse with clear water. We recommend the use Cleaner 500 for stubborn dirt. Do not use cleaning products containing solvents. The disinfectants that have been approved may be used for disinfecting the material. An overview of tested disinfectants is available on request.

Maintenance instructions